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Why New Homes Are More Energy Efficient

December 12, 2017

Why New Homes Are More Energy Efficient

They don’t make homes like they used to. Now, they’re even better! With advancements in technology, building new allows homeowners more efficiency and less energy consumption. Over time, this equals big savings in utilities and more money in homeowner’s pockets. Because of these savings in money and energy, the number of new build houses for sale in Lemont are on the rise. Just what’s happening to make these new homes more appealing and energy efficient?

An Increased Need

Years ago, electricity and natural gas was much less expensive. It used to cost homeowners a fraction of the price to heat and cool their homes. Because of this, energy efficient measures weren’t necessary. As prices for energy have gone up, so has the need for energy efficiency. Homeowners are constantly on the prowl for new ways to save money while also remaining as energy efficient and environmentally conscious as possible.

A Bigger Home Equals More Energy—Or Does It?

It’s estimated that new homes are 74 percent larger than they were a hundred years ago. As homeowners increase the size of their homes, they’re also increasing the amount of energy it takes to properly manage their interior temperature. However, their willingness to pay more for this energy hasn’t increased accordingly. Instead, homeowners are looking for new, innovative ways to make their homes more efficient. In fact, the Energy Information Administration estimates that even though houses are much larger than they were even 20 years ago, they only consume about 2 percent more energy.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

The energy efficient upgrades may not seem like upgrades at all. In fact, they may seem pretty standard. This is because newer homes are all equipped with windows, doors, and HVAC systems specifically designed to keep things as efficient as possible. Multi-pane windows, energy efficient water heaters, AC units, and EnergyStar appliances are all just a few of the things that builders are including in their customers new homes. These energy-performing homes are more attractive to buyers because of the lifelong savings they’ll accrue, despite their increased square footage.

A Better Build

Along with newer appliances and better windows, builders have improved their building styles over the years. The flow, ductwork, and layout of each home is specifically designed in a way to make the floorplan more energy efficient. Along with a more efficient floorplan, builders are also installing better insulation. With top-of-the-line insulation in both the ceiling and the walls, it’s easier for a home’s temperature to remain the same.

If you’re looking for an energy-saving solution, it’s time to start looking at the new home builders in Lemont. With a brand-new home, you’ll not only get the finishes and style that you want, but you’ll save money while enjoying improved energy efficiency.