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The Top 9 Custom Home Building Trends for 2022

February 23, 2022

The Top 9 Custom Home Building Trends for 2022

Are you in the process of building a new construction home and are wondering what to include in your custom home build? We have the perfect guide for you! Based on the data we gathered over the past year we have compiled a list of the most popular features our customers have requested for their custom homes

So check out our Top 9 Home Building Trends for 2022 as a go-to guide that you can use as a reference to see what you should consider adding to your home. 

Two-Story Family Room

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Add a little elegance and an impression of an oversized space to your home which will surely garner a lot of compliments from your guests by adding a two-story family room to your home build. When combined with an open concept floor plan, the two-story family room gives a spacious impression even on a floor plan that actually isn’t that big.

Two-story family rooms also allow for plenty of natural light, due to the amount of windows you can add. You can either use enormous picture windows that can go from floor to ceiling or simply go with large windows on the first floor and the second floor. With all of that natural light on most days you probably won’t even need to turn a light on.

Second Floor Laundry

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When all of your bedrooms are located upstairs it can be a real hassle to bring down dirty clothes, towels, bed linens, and other washables downstairs to be washed and dried. Afterwards you have to bring everything back upstairs again in order to put it away. By adding a second floor laundry room, you can make laundry day a more efficient task and completely eliminate the need to lug heavy baskets of laundry up and down stairs.

Having a second floor laundry can also eliminate your need for hampers too as your dirty laundry can be placed into the laundry room right after you change. Another advantage is the added living space you’ll have on the lower levels of your home which may originally have been taken up by your laundry room. That extra square footage can instead be used for a half bath, or to add more room to your kitchen or living room.

First Floor Shower

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Sometimes a first floor master isn’t the answer, but a first floor shower surely is and has become a popular staple in many custom homes built in the past year. First floor showers offer a great way for making your guests feel immediately more comfortable in your home while they are visiting. 

It also offers more flexibility in your household for when your family members need to get ready.

Bold Accent Walls

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More homeowners are now opting to add bold accent walls to certain rooms of their custom home builds to add personalization, color, and character to their home. From bold color choices, whimsical wallpaper, to intricate millwork, and timeless brick wall accents are transformative ways to change the overall look of the rooms in your home. 

Feature walls and accent walls allow you to experiment with colors without overwhelming the look of the space, they can even add more visual interest to a room that may feel too large and allow the space to have a focal point.

Statement Ceilings

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Another great way to add a little more personality to the rooms in your new home is by adding a statement ceiling. One of the most popular ways is to add wood beams to the ceiling in your living room. Homeowners are opting to use reclaimed timber to add a rustic feel or an engineered wood beam for a more modern appearance.

Some homeowners have also opted to use millwork, a bold paint color, and even wallpaper to add more character to their ceilings.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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A very popular choice with new construction homeowners is to opt for vinyl flooring over wood in the creation of their house. Especially if you have a growing family with young children or family pets, vinyl floorboards are more durable than their wood counter parts. Vinyl floors are also more waterproof, much easier to clean, and is also much more budget friendly over hardwood floors.

Luxury vinyl floorboards now come in a variety of colors and finishes, many are made to look like hardwood floorboards and with the added texture on the finish, can easily fool the eye into thinking they are actually hardwood floors.

Home Office Space

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The year 2020 brought on many changes to our lives and our households, it definitely changed how we looked at our workforce as many people were forced to work from home. Everyone quickly realized working from home was a scenario that could easily become permanent. This is why home office spaces have become a very popular request from custom home buyers over the past year.

These office spaces are often added on the first floor with some homeowners requesting built-in custom wall units and desk setups to truly personalize the space to their specific needs.  

Two-Tone Kitchens

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The request for two-tone kitchens have become a popular staple in new custom home builds over the past couple of years and the trend is still going strong. The kitchen is the room that will be used the most often in your home, so why not add a little more style to it? 

For the two-tone kitchen, the simplest look is where the island cabinet color is different from the other cabinets. In some cases, the homeowner can play with color and choose to have half of the cabinets one bold color and the other half a contrasting shade. 

You can also choose to have painted cabinets together with finished wood cabinets to create a beautiful kitchen space that is truly yours.

Backyard Space

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Many homeowners are also looking for properties where they have plenty of room for a backyard space that they can truly make their own. Some custom homeowners make room in their budget to add a secondary living area in their backyard by adding a patio, built-in grill, a custom fire pit, and so much more that truly makes their outdoor area their own.

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