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The 10 Most Popular Front Door Styles

July 24, 2023

The 10 Most Popular Front Door Styles

The exterior of a home can say a lot about the person who owns it, as nothing says “welcome” better than the front door and entryway. As the first thing that your guests focus on when they come for a visit, it is important that your front door gives a stellar first impression of your home and in turn, you. 

Are you in the process of building a custom home and don’t know what to do with your front door or maybe you’re looking to upgrade the look of your current front door. Check out the most popular front door styles below for a little inspiration.

Front Door Style Guide:

The entrance to your home and one of the easiest ways to add curb appeal, the look of your front door can easily transform the overall look of your home’s exterior. One easy way to upgrade your front door is painting it a unique or bold color for a head turning statement. 

But if you’re ready for an entirely different look here are the most popular front door trends for you to consider. From traditional, farmhouse, craftsman and more—you’ll surely find the front door style that perfectly matches your taste.

Top Ten Most Popular Styles for Your Front Door

Traditional Style Front Door

The traditional front door style is one that you’ve probably seen most often as it is the most common style used for homes. This type of front door has varying looks from raised panels and patterns and can be made from metal, wood, and fiberglass. 

This style doesn’t feature any glass, but some builders may opt to add some sidelights to add more natural light into the home’s foyer.


Farmhouse/Barn Style Front Door

Want your home to have a homey feel with a touch of country? A barn or farmhouse style front door is exactly what you are looking for. Combining both industrial and rustic elements, with an added touch of natural colors and use of wood paneling—the farmhouse and barn style door is becoming a popular choice for homeowners. 

Thanks to the versatility of the rustic and industrial qualities of this style door, you will find it being used in both a rural type of home and even in settings with a more urban feel.


Modern Style Front Door

Modern style front doors often feature glass and metal elements for a contemporary and sleek look. These types of doors can be like the craftsman style but has more emphasis on clean cut lines. 

Often, you’ll find that modern style front doors feature minimal glass panels on the side or center of the door.


Craftsman Style Front Door

The classic craftsman door style has decorative molding with a top panel of windows in the top section of the door. Craftsman doors often feature a dentil shelf, which is a distinctive block pattern that adds a touch of character and visual interest to the door. 


Spanish Style Front Door

Like the Tudor style, Spanish style front doors also feature dark wood grain with metal accents. These types of doors can also have a speakeasy in the top center and most often are found rectangular in shape or a traditional arch for added appeal and charm.


Ornate Style Front Door

If you want a door that has a lot of visual impact, consider an ornate style front door. These types of doors often feature glasswork like stained glass and can have Tiffany-style glass panes. The decorative glass panels that ornate style front doors feature give the entrance to a home a truly elegant appeal.


Tudor Style Front Door

Tudor style front doors most often are characterized by the rounded appearance at the top which comes to a point in the middle. Though this can vary to a regular rectangular shaped door or more rounded arch, tudor doors will always feature a dark woodgrain finish. 

They will also have embossed panels, hinge straps, clavos, an arch-top glass, and speakeasys for an extra touch of character.


Arched Style Front Door

For a truly unique and unforgettable front door style, check out the arch style front door. This type of door features an attention-grabbing rounded top, decorative paneling, and often features double doors to give it a stately appearance.

This style of door can range from modern to traditional depending on the materials used like glass, metal, or wood. Arched doors offer three different styles for the arch, which are flat arch (slightly rounded at the top with straight sides), true arch (fully rounded top and smooth sides), and an elliptical arch (rounded at the top with straight sides).


Colonial Style Front Door

In early America doors often featured raised panels as a decorative touch. Most doors had 4 to 6 panels, but more ornate models featured as many as eight. The six-panel door became the most common and is now recognized as the colonial door. 

Today, common characteristics of the colonial door include side lights, flattened columns on both sides of the door, and a decorative crown over the front.


Cottage Style Front Door

Early cottage doors were plain with function at the forefront of its design. These doors had a ‘brace and ledge’ design crafted from vertical wood planks featuring a tongue and groove style—for a practical way of keeping the house warm and the elements out. 

As the style evolved, a central ledge and braces were added to hold the doors together, some doors were divided into two turning it into a stable styled door. Modern cottage style front doors are most often still constructed from timber and feature pastel colors for a timeless and cozy feel.


Don’t know what material your new front door should be made from? 

Check out our previous post ‘The Best Material For Your Front Door’, where you can find out about the six main materials used to craft front doors from and which suits your needs the best.

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