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How to Use Paint to Change the Look and Feel of a Room

April 28, 2020

How to Use Paint to Change the Look and Feel of a Room

Switch Up the Overall Look & Feel of Your Living Spaces with Paint

Paint colors and where you place the paint that you choose can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the rooms in your home. From a dark ceiling that feels cozy and intimate, to walls with a lighter hue for a bright and bigger feel even in a small space, to vertical stripes to make walls feel taller, and so much more.

Check out our post below which demonstrates how paint can change the overall look and feel of the rooms in a home. Use this go-to guide to give you a little inspiration on the wall colors and color layout for your custom home build or even to just refresh the rooms of your current home.

How Paint Colors Affect Your Mood & Perception

It’s a well-known fact that different colors and shades of colors can change your mood and your perception on the things around you. For example the color blue is a color that most people associate with a sense of calm or coziness whereas yellow can symbolize warmth and optimism.

Darker and warmer colors make things appear to come closer to you, while lighter colors draw those things away or make them recede. With this in mind, with paint you can make any room in your home appear smaller, larger, change the shape of a space, create a focal point, or even hide features that you don’t want to be seen.

Examples of How Paint Colors Can Change the Look and Feel of a Room

Check out the slider gallery below to see exactly how different a room can look based on its color and the placement of paint in certain areas. You will see how the same room dramatically changes between each image with a simple alteration of its color while the furniture and its placement remains the same.

Lighter colors brighten a room and make it feel larger

Darker colors gives larger rooms a smaller and much more cozy feel

Bring the ceiling down in a large room by painting it a darker color in comparison to the walls

If a room feels too wide, paint two walls a darker color to bring the walls in

A light colored accent wall can highlight features in a room, while the darker color can hide features

A dark colored accent wall can shorten a long room, while adding a pop of color

Make a shorter room feel longer with a darker ceiling and matching accent wall

Give a room the perception of more height with a lighter color on the ceiling

Add light colored wainscoting to lengthen a room horizontally

Use vertical stripes on walls for another way to add height to a room

Additional Tips for Using Color to Change the Rooms in Your Home

There are an endless amount of options when it comes to using paint colors to change the features of a room as shown in the images above. Additionally, paint can be used to disguise undesirable features in a room such as HVAC vents which can be painted the same color as its surrounding walls so that they are camouflaged.

If your home has architectural features like a lot of angles, they can be downplayed using the same color throughout. This technique is commonly used in attic rooms. Conversely, if there are features that you want to highlight, like decorative trim or a patterned ceiling, they can be painted a different color in order to highlight the unique features.

Or for a smaller house, consider painting each room the same light color so that your eyes flow easily from room to room, this technique basically tricks your brain into thinking your home is much larger than it actually is.

Ready to Plan Out the Paint Colors for Your Custom Home?

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