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7 Ideas for the Best Lighting for Your Master Bathroom

March 30, 2022

7 Ideas for the Best Lighting for Your Master Bathroom

When planning the lighting for the master bathroom in your custom home, first analyze your space and think about how you’ll be using the area. Most bathrooms, no matter how big or small, can be split into zones: the vanity space, the bathtub area, and the shower.

There are three main types of lighting: ambient lightings, the overall lighting in a room; task lighting, targeted lighting which is brighter so you can see what you are doing; and accent lighting, which highlights specific areas or features in a room. 

For example, you want to have brighter lighting or task lighting around the vanity area, since that’s the space where you’ll be getting yourself ready. Whereas in the bathtub or shower area you may want that space to have a more spa-like sanctuary feel, so dimmable accent lighting that adds ambiance to a space would work better.

Whatever the type of lighting you are going for, good bathroom lighting ideas can make a large bathroom feel more intimate or a small bathroom seem larger. So, enhance the look of your master bathroom by choosing the proper lighting style for your space. Here are a few examples of different light fixture options that can give you some inspiration so you can create the bathroom sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Pendant lights work perfect as a central lighting fixture or for giving a space ambient lighting. Pendant lights also work well for a downward light source. Place pendant lights on both sides of your vanity to add a touch of style while also supplying the space with effective task lighting. You can also choose larger pendants and place them in a more centralized area in your bathroom’s ceiling to create a dramatic focal point and add ambient lighting instead.

Statement pieces provide a focal point for your bathroom, completes your design look, and provides a unique look to the bathroom without being too overwhelming for the space.

Sconces are wall-mounted light fixtures are perfect for framing an object and would work well to frame a vanity mirror. Sconces give adequate lighting, adds balance to a space, and they don’t take up too much space. Sconces are also perfect for creating a shadow-free, flattering light source, which is what you want for when you’re putting on make-up or shaving.

Image credit (left to right): John Cullen Lighting | Pinterest | Interior Stylist Ltd.

Uplighting is a type of lighting adds a dramatic lighting effect to a space and is perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance to a low-lit bathtub area or is perfect for highlighting a specific space or objects in a room. Uplighting is added by placing light fixtures on (or in) the ground and pointing them up a wall.

Vanity bar lights are types of lights are the most used type of lighting in a bathroom. Vanity bar lights are a single row of lights (commonly in twos, threes, or four sets of lights). These lights are typically placed right above a vanity mirror and provides a traditional and clean look to a bathroom while also saving on space.

A chandelier is like a statement piece, but a bit more dramatic, and oftentimes bigger--chandeliers give bathrooms a touch of elegance. They give a regal sort of feel to a space thanks to its eye-catching and dramatic look.

LED Inlay Lighting is a type of lighting is becoming more popular for bathrooms, especially if the look the homeowner is going for leans more on the modern and clean look. LED Inlay Lighting often has lighting inside of the vanity mirror itself and can create a relaxing ambiance in the vanity area. 

These types of lights can also be recessed within cabinetry or in niches so you can’t see the light itself. LED inlay lights are also adjustable and can be made brighter for ideal lighting for when you are getting ready for the day.

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