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5 Home Renovation Ideas That Are Totally Worth It

August 26, 2019

5 Home Renovation Ideas That Are Totally Worth It

Add More Value to Your Home with These 5 Renovation Ideas

When you are building a custom home you never really think of needing to sell it. But there may come a time when you do need to sell your home and the best way to increase its value for resale is by adding updates and keeping up with proper maintenance practices while living there.

Not all renovations are created equal and some renovations can add more value compared to others. When you are considering making a renovation to your home it is best to stick with more neutral choices so you have a better chance of appealing to a larger group of people, rather than choosing a specific style that only appeals to certain tastes.

Though most people tend to put their money towards a full upgrade in their kitchen or a bathroom remodel, as many house hunters tend to focus on those two rooms, these types of overhauls can easily use up your entire remodeling budget. Consider making smaller high value changes to your kitchen and bathrooms so that you can spread out your budget to other highly visible parts of your home to increase the curb appeal of the entire house.

Check out these top 5 home upgrades that are totally worth it to increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to home buyers when it is time to place it on the market.

 Start in the Kitchen

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A definite focal point, it is one of the rooms that you will spend the most time in and when it is time to sell, it is one of the first places that home buyers will check out to determine if your home fits their needs. Because the kitchen is used so often, you can never over-equip this room. Consider giving your cabinets a facelift, making them deeper or lengthening them for extra storage room—even making them ceiling height can add a sleek and customized look to your kitchen.

Another area in the kitchen that home buyers focus on are the appliances. The more energy efficient the better, microwave drawers are the perfect addition as they don’t take up counter space and are unobtrusive; along with a high-quality and quiet-running dishwasher is a plus in anyone’s book.

Another easy and budget-friendly add-on is a backsplash. Give the look of your kitchen a quick facelift and more character with a stone or tile backsplash. For more storage, easier access and more open-space, add a pull-out pantry over open-shelving. Even adding soft-close doors and sturdier hinges will lengthen the life of the cabinetry in your kitchen.

 A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

 A fast way to give any room a facelift is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Paint has a high return on investment, but it depends on the colors that you choose. To appeal to a bigger group of house hunters, keep your color choices neutral. A bright bold red wall is the type of customization that will not appeal to many people, in fact, specific colors choices like these may turn off a buyer as they’ll feel it will be more work on their part if they buy your home, or they’ll ask you to take care of it before they make the purchase.

Updating the walls of your home to more neutral color choices overall, with pops of color as an accent wall is a much more effective way to appeal to a larger number of buyers. With neutral colors, home buyers can better visualize what they could turn the home into if they were to make the purchase.

 Energy Efficient Windows

 Older windows on a house can be a huge eyesore and they can also be a hassle to open and close, which is a big turn-off to home buyers. Replace your old windows with an updated set, and not only will they give your home a cleaner and newer look, they also have cost-saving benefits by being better insulated and will increase the energy efficiency of your home.


Upgrades in the Bathroom

 The bathroom is another room that potential buyers tend to focus on, so giving it an update before placing your home on the market is a definite must. Similar to the kitchen, you don’t need to do a huge renovation for to make a great impression.

You can focus your attention on the bathroom vanity by switching out the countertop and/or upgrading it to a double vanity. You can also change out your light fixtures, a new coat of paint and retile your floors to give your bathroom a more luxurious look.

Freshen Up Your Lawn

 Not many people give too much thought on the landscaping of their home when it comes to selling their house. But the old saying remains true, “you only get one chance to make a first impression” and your lawn will be the first thing that a house hunter will see when they come to check out your home.

Increase your home’s curb appeal by up-keeping your lawn, be sure to get rid of any dead patches of grass, mow the lawn regularly, remove any weeds / dead plants and add some inviting color by planting flowers or bushes.

 Pick the Best Home Remodeler

 Choose a top rated home remodel company that you can put your trust in. What makes 5th Avenue Construction Naperville’s #1 home builder is their practices and company goals. With 5th Avenue Construction, they keep the customers’ needs in mind and know how to stick to and stretch a budget.

Their expert design team will offer their knowledge and expertise throughout the renovation process and with their decades long experience in the construction business you can be rest assured that your renovation will be exactly what you want starting on day one.


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